Caring for White French Furniture

White French FurnitureWhite French furniture which is made from solid wood lasts a lifetime and offers a timeless beauty but only under condition that you care for it properly. Fortunately, maintenance of white French furniture is a very easy process and by following a few simple care tips, its beauty will also be enjoyed by the next generation to come.

Although most people are discouraged from buying white French furniture because it is white, white colour is an advantage rather than disadvantage. Sure, it shows every slightest spot and needs to be cleaned more frequently to keep it looking visually appealing but this makes the cleaning job a lot easier and faster. Darker colours indeed do not show if the furniture was not cleaned for a while, however, you need considerably more time and energy for furniture cleaning if you do not stick to your cleaning schedule. In addition, dark colours are convenient only when it comes to dirt but are a lot less convenient when it comes to dust in comparison to white coloured furniture.

To keep your white French furniture in top shape, you do not need any special products. Basically, you need only a feather duster and damp cloth, and of course stick to your furniture cleaning schedule. Just like dark colours do not reveal dirt, white colour does not reveal the dust which, however, can cause damage to the wood if you do not clean your furniture on a regular basis. But there is no reason to worry about the dust causing damage to your furniture if you dust it once or twice a week.

Unfortunately, white French furniture is more prone to stains which is why you should clean up any spills as soon as possible to prevent them from penetrating the paint. But if a spill goes unnoticed for a longer period of time, try with soapy water and a gentle cloth. Under no circumstances use abrasive sponges or cleaning products to avoid damaging the paint. If you have a stubborn stain which cannot be removed with soapy water, contact the manufacturer for an advice to prevent a small stain from turning into a big nightmare.

In addition to regular cleaning and dusting, you should also make sure that your furniture is not exposed to direct sunlight. The ultraviolet light that penetrates through the glass of the window can cause severe damage to your furniture and affect its durability. Either keep it away from windows or cover the window with blinds, curtains or a window film which blocks the ultraviolet light. Also, keep your furniture away from radiators and other sources of heat.

In the end, make sure that your furniture is not exposed to moisture or mould both of which pose a risk of serious damage to the wood. Place the furniture an inch or two away from the wall and act immediately if you notice or smell mould in your home because mould is not only posing a risk of damage to your wooden furniture but directly threatens your family's health as well.