An Illusion Of Larger Space With White French Furniture

French White FurnitureBuying furniture for a smaller room or apartment is particularly challenging because you cannot focus on its style and beauty alone. It is important to be aware that space has a dramatic influence on the aesthetic appeal of the chosen furniture and that the furniture in showrooms and online galleries is always displayed in a way to catch your attention. It may look perfect and meet all your requirements but that does not necessarily mean that it will be just as perfect when you put it on its place, especially if you have a limited space. Firstly, the chosen piece of furniture may not come to expression in the "wrong" room and secondly, it can make the room feel claustrophobic and congested.

If you have a limited space, you should obviously focus on the type of furniture which allows you to create an illusion of larger space than it really is and provides you all the necessary comfort or/and enough room for storage at the same time. This, unfortunately, dramatically limits your choice of both furniture styles and colours. Traditional furniture for example looks beautiful only in large rooms as the traditional designs are typically bulky and massive.

Modern furniture is more sleek than the traditional one and is often designed with space optimization in mind but it has two major drawbacks. The so-called minimalistic style indeed makes the room appear larger but often provides little space for storage. In addition, straight lines often create a sterile look especially if you choose white colour which is virtually a must if you want to create an illusion of a larger space. Fortunately, there is another type of furniture which is perfect for smaller rooms and apartments – white French furniture which offers much more than just the perfect colour.

White French furniture is highly sought after for its unique shabby chic look which is something in between modern and traditional styles. The distressed look and ornate details give it a touch of vintage style, while the soft and sleek design gives it the functionality of modern furniture without creating the sterile look. White colour and the unique blend of traditional and modern styles also make it very easy to combine with other styles allowing you to create a harmony throughout your home no matter if you prefer the traditional or contemporary look.

In addition to enabling you to create an illusion of larger space and making the most out of the space available at the same time, white French furniture also gives your home a touch of the traditional French style which is marked by timeless elegance and beauty especially if made from solid wood. It is also possible to find French furniture that is made from engineered wood, however, it lacks the aesthetic appeal, comfort and durability of furniture that is made from solid wood. Although it may be tempting due to its lower price, engineered wood furniture is not any less expensive in the long term because it needs to be replaced relatively soon.