White French Furniture – A Comparison

Furniture makes your home a home but it also determines its style, comfort and character as well as its ambiance. While rustic furniture for instance creates a warm and kind of homely atmosphere, modern furniture gives your home a touch of sophistication and inspiring look. Traditional furniture, on the other hand, is valued for its timeless elegance and a sense of luxury. There is, however, one type of furniture which has it all – white French furniture.

White French furniture is available in many styles but it typically comes in shabby chic which is a unique blend of modern and White French Furnituretraditional styles. Unlike rustic furniture which often appears too rustic and sort of rough, shabby chic furniture incorporates the warmness of the rustic style and timeless elegance of the traditional furniture. But despite its slightly distressed look which gives it a vintage look, it also reflects a sense of sophistication similar to modern furniture without creating a cold and sterile look. Its main advantage over modern furniture, however, are its timeless elegance, cosiness and functionality. Unlike contemporary designs that typically go out of fashion within a few years, shabby chic white French furniture never goes out of fashion. But the elegant lines do not affect its cosiness and functionality like this is often the case with traditional furniture because the unique look is achieved with ornate details rather than the overall design.

Another thing that makes white French furniture an ideal choice for every home is the fact that it can easily be combined with other styles as well as colour schemes. It is possible to combine traditional and modern styles as well but it is extremely difficult to achieve a contrasting yet complementing look if you are not an interior decorator. Shabby chic furniture, on the other hand, looks great if combined with either modern or traditional style regardless of the main colour scheme as white goes well with just about every colour. In addition, white colour creates an illusion of larger space than it really is which makes white French furniture also a perfect choice for smaller rooms.

Just like other pieces of furniture, white French furniture is available in engineered and solid wood. Pieces of furniture which are made from solid wood are more expensive than those made from engineered timber, however, solid wood furniture is incomparably more durable. And since white French furniture never goes out of fashion, it is a good idea to invest in solid wood because it is not any more expensive in the long term. In addition, engineered wood never feels the same as solid wood even if it looks almost identical. This is due to the fact that solid wood reflects a unique sense of warmth and personality which cannot be found in furniture that is made from engineered wood. Whereas the latter is simply furniture, solid wood furniture has a decorative effect at the same time.